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Sea Shells Inner Glow Collection

The Inner Glow Collection:

Each of Laserglass Arts inner glow collection shells is comprised of 45% leaded crystal, compared to the 38% component found in Austrian Crystal. The shells are individually hand cast using our own adaptation of a casting method originally developed by the ancient Egyptians to make gold jewelry. The crystal shells are molded from actual seashells and exhibit all the fine detailing of nature's originals. The use of the more expensive 45% leaded crystal enables us to capture such definition.

The shells contain a specialized dichroic coating which gives them their unique inner glow. Dichroically coated glass, which we refer to as Laserglass, is an excitingly different material first developed to provide superior reflectivity to mirrors in industrial laser applications. It is manufactured by evaporating extremely thin layers of metallic oxides, in precise thickness, onto glass in a carefully controlled vacuum. Our exacting techniques produce colors of a purity unmatched by any other methods. The artistic combination of natural shapes and optical coatings characterize our unique products.

**Due to a manufacturing hiatus by the artist, supplies are extremely limited. Currently we have no stock on hand, but please contact us to chat about possibly finding an item for you. Thank you!
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