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Marquis Collection

Marquis items are made from 100% NATURAL Fossil Stone. Individual stones are painstakingly hand cut piece by piece, shaped and then inlaid, creating a unique, one of a kind treasure. Some items have a wood base that the stone is inlaid over and some are a fiberglass material (such as the mango jars). There is no lacquer or varnish on the pieces. Each is sanded and buffed to a shine. Variations in the natural materials highlight the special qualities of each piece.

Light beige fossil stone - The stone comes from a fossilized coral bed that was once in the ocean. Over the millions of years of geological activity it is now mined in the mountains and is said to have an age of 30 to 100 million years old.

Cantor Stone / Cream Stone - This is a sediment based fossil stone. Many times one can see the crushed shells and sea life in the cantor striations.

Black Stone - Is the hardest of the stones and most expensive material of all the stones we shape. In its rough form- unpolished, the black stone is actually gray.

Care - Please treat your new Marquis item like any other piece of fine furniture or accessory. Do not use any abrasives or solvents to clean. Do not put a hot item on your new fossil stone table without a coaster. We recommend pledge on the Lt. Beige fossil stone and cantor stone items.

Avalon Vase Series
Avalon Floor Vase
Beige Fossil Stone Round Column Pedestals
marquis furniture,fossil stone
Half Moon
Sofa table base or pedestal
Mango Jars Black Stone
All Smooth Finish
Mango Jars Cantor Stone
Rough Smooth Finish
Mango Jars Cantor Stone
All Smooth Finish
Rectangle Dining Table Base Beige Fossil Smooth
marquis collection fossil stone
Stripes Pedestal
Beige Fossil Stone with White Ivory Stone
White Fossil Stone Pedestals
fossil stone,marquis collection
White Fossil Stone Pedestals
fossil stone,marquis collection

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